Just like to throw out an update on progress for the new album. We are working hard on writing at the moment on material for the new album. Jared and I have decided to write enough songs to put out another album. We will combine these new songs with the three songs from the EP (River of Corpses, Malevolent Holocaust, and The Apostate). We are also going to re-record the songs from the EP.  Since it is just us two you may be wondering about drums and bass guitar. Well we have decided to take all of it on ourselves.  I will undertake writing the drum tracks and doing a combination of programming them on computer, this works great for most of it but I will be playing some parts on the electric kit into the program to get the best possible sound. For bass guitar we have not decided, but it looks like Jared and I will be writing and recording those parts as well. After the album is out we then intend to find permanent or temps to start playing live shows. So with all that said we are making good progress but the work will take us some time.


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