From the recording River Of Corpses EP


From natures attraction – A chain reaction - Test the limits - of our bright new age
The shock wave rips through the clouds – expanding its wrath tests the bounds of our
Physical conquest – A natural forecast – We built it for power – Now beneath it we will cower
As our pride burns flesh and bone will follow - Suffering a slow death
Illusions seal our fate - Feels your life slip
All efforts will fall in vein – Unleash unstoppable change
This force its power will reign
Now you’ll die – A slow decay – See the lights – Feels them BURN
Cities will die in the trust of power – Regions will fry from the deeds we’ve done
Ignorance and distance cant protect you – Sightless eyes have no remorse
Your god will ignore your cry – laughing at suffering
Don’t waste your prayers on the sky – we’ve created our annihilation
Summon your courage your strength – your faith laughs at you
All efforts will NEVER contain
Watch us die – though vision is fading
A slow decay – life receding
See the lights – Looming and taunting
We watched their lives fade away – Such ignorant faith
You can’t dominate what you don’t understand – Make your stand the last you’ll ever TRY
Lungs will heave with every breath – Skin will cry out with your slow DEMISE
Shifting the wind toward our lives – silent its gaze will not pass you by
There lies no doubt – We’ll Learn – But correction? – Its far to late to try……